Is Ron Wilson an Idiot?

14 Feb

This is a topic that is receiving a lot of publicity. The man seems to be a good enough coach when we look at his resume but is he the best choice for the Toronto Maple Leafs? The team has been making a lot of moves under GM Brian Burke and after the Leafs started the season 4-0 it seemed like things might finally turn around for the club. However slumping scorers and brutal defensive efforts have plagued the team once again and it’s hard not to turn the attention to the voice behind the bench. It seems Wilson is unable to motivate the club on a nightly basis and Phil Kessel especially has voiced some displeasure at how things are being handled. Thomas Kaberle, one of the teams best players, was stripped of his assistant captaincy in place of Francois Bauchemin, who had such a dreadful campaign with the leafs he was finally sent back to Anaheim. Kaberle has the A once again but as trade deadline looms closer there are no certainties for any leaf other than possibly Luke Schenn who has been a consistent young asset for the team.

The futures of many players and even potentially coach Wilson are all subject to change. Toronto demands quality hockey and for a team who hasn’t seen the post season since before the lockout, patience has long since run out. Look for the leafs to make a lot of moves around the deadline and although they may not be a contender this year, Burke will certainly want to change that by next season. Toronto is a hockey dynasty and it’s time for that mentality to return to the Air Canada Centre.


Can Van Pull it Off?

14 Feb

This year one of the hottest teams in the NHL is undoubtably the Vancouver Canucks. Their well-balanced attack, disciplined play and the outstanding goaltending of Roberto Luongo suggests that they have a legitimate shot at the cup this year. They are currently tied atop the west in wins with the dirty Detroit Red Wings, who once again will definitely be in the hunt to be Stanley Cup champions. Detroit has a somewhat similar team in that they both have a lot of team chemistry and experience. Neither team is known for an overwhelming physical presence but both clubs play hard-nosed hockey and aren’t afraid to get to the hard areas of the rink. If Vancouver is legitimate in their attempt at greatness, Detroit will be the first big obstacle.

From the eastern conference Philly and Tampa are battling for #1 rights. These young gun teams have a lot of star power and can light up the scoreboard on any given night. Bobrovski has shown in the Philadelphia net that he can stop pucks with the best of them and in clutch situations. Tampa’s goaltending however is a bit more suspect and has some wondering if they are really capable of making another run like that of ’04 where they won it all.┬áThese top teams as well as other surging clubs like Boston, Pittsburg, Dallas and Nashville, all pose a serious threat to the league’s top squad. Vancouver will have to keep their heads down and continue to battle if they want to claim their first ever Stanley Cup.

Ottawa Senators = Garbage Television

14 Feb

Its Sunday night and I’m trying to do some homework in my living room. It would be nice right now if i could watch some puck. Anaheim is playing Edmonton but i can’t watch the game because i don’t have the super-mega-expensive package. I only get east coast games, and more specifically senators coverage. And I ask you, who wants to watch the Sens play? They are the most garbage franchise in the NHL.

Once upon a ridiculous season they actually thought they could win a cup but then they got smacked in the face by an actual hockey club; The Anaheim Ducks. A team build around heart, grit and tenacity while year after year the senators struggle to find leadership in a highly unmotivated squad. Captain Daniel Alfredson is possible the most gutless captain in the league and his lack of effort when it counts trickles down his stick and infects the minds of any would be heroes. Jason Spezza and Dany Heatly had the potential to be hugely influential players in the Ottawa franchise but instead Heatley had some of the worst seasons of his career and has now been shipped out. With Spezza’s numbers dropping year by year it won’t be a shock to see him leave after his contract expires. After all the senators need the money. They can’t even sell out one of the smallest arenas in one of the biggest markets.

So why are we still talking about moving out Phoenix? Shane Doan captains a highly capable squad who have more chance winning a cup than the sans have winning a playoff series. Move this garbage Senators team out of here and lets see some leafs coverage back in Ontario. They might not be the best but at least they have some heart and potential, two things Ottawa will never see under Brian Murray’s pathetic reign.